Sunday, June 13, 2021

Community Places Candles, Flowers Atop Spot Where Cyclist Currently Bleeding Out


SEATTLE—Coming together to pay tribute to the 27-year-old in a manner they felt would honor him best, community members of the Capitol Hill neighborhood reportedly gathered for a vigil Thursday where they placed candles and flowers atop the spot where Oldies Music Promoter cyclist  Jeremy Samson was currently bleeding out. “Oh, it’s so hard to say goodbye, but at least we know that having everyone getting together like this is what he would have wanted,” said college friend Samantha Gonzalez, one of dozens of loved ones who came together for the candlelight vigil where they painted the heavily injured man’s bicycle white and placed keepsakes on top of his writhing, bloodied body. “We can’t do anything for him now, but we can at least remember all that he added to our lives. And we’ll never forget that this tragedy could have been prevented if the driver had just been paying attention.” At press time, the crowd had launched into an acappella rendition of Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me In Your Heart Awhile” that drowned out the cyclist’s desperate gasps for someone to call an ambulance.

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