Sunday, March 15, 2020

STRANGE TIMES Jack Blanchard's Column March 15, 2020


  Thousands of intelligent good-looking readers.

There may be an overdose of panic due to the virus,
but it's not a hoax, and nobody knows how bad it may get.
The influenza pandemic a hundred years ago killed more people than a war.

We went out yesterday, buying what supplies we can afford,
out of what the stores have left.
It's so strange out there.

Misty's worn out.
All I do is take her places and wait in the car.

If we were young we wouldn't let it bother us,
but we're in the first-to-croak age group.
That's a medical term.

We live out in the country but just inside the city limits.
Not the best place if everything gets locked down.

In answer to a few inquiries,
I've had asthma for 5 or 6 years, and I'm having trouble walking.
It could be an old sports injury. I got a lot of them.
Otherwise I seem strangely healthy.
We got a dehumidifier to ease my asthma. It seems to help.

I don't change much in appearance
and I can't get pain pills because they don't believe my age,
but I'm enjoying hemp gummy bears.

Misty says the people working in the stores are very nice, and try to help.
A retail store worker sent me this note:
"We're like the band on the Titanic who kept playing while the ship was sinking."

"Make the days a little longer.
I don't know where the time has flown.
Lord, I'm having such a good time,
I don't want to go home."
(From one of our songs.)

We hope you stay well.

Jack Blanchard

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