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RUSTY DIAMOND: A TRUE STORY Jack Blanchard's Column March 09, 2020

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1960s. Rusty Diamond was a Country recording artist,
with releases on Starday and Stop records,
but his main talent was getting money from rich girls.

One of these angels,
a very sweet and buxom blonde from Chicago,
bought into Rusty's career to the tune of $48,000 in one week,
probably more than double that as this is written.
He hired me as his producer and we flew to Nashville to record some hits.
Rusty passed out $50 tips to waitresses, porters,
and anyone who had his hand out.
To Rusty the important thing was the public gesture.

In Nashville, he called up one of the finest men's stores
and had them bring a truckload of assorted clothes to our motel.
We selected a few thousand dollars worth,
and he paid the driver in cash.

Returning to Miami, a crowd awaited us at the airport.
Women stood in line to kiss Rusty while photographers flashed pictures.
Police directed traffic as we pulled away in a new rented Lincoln limo.
I found out later that Rusty had hired the whole crowd,
photographers, cops and all.

Rusty moved into an oceanfront suite
and hired a valet/bodyguard, for about two grand a week...
a tough guy about six foot eight.
The blonde's father heard about her business venture
and hopped a plane for Miami, hopping mad.
He threatened everybody in sight with jail sentences,
if he couldn't arrange for the guillotine.
Rusty not only calmed the old man, but hit him for another forty grand.

The last I heard of Rusty
he was broke and running from his bodyguard,
whom he had neglected to pay.

When Rusty Diamond had a buck he made Howard Hughes look like a bum.
He never realized that being himself would have been enough.
Once, when we were alone, I saw him in tears,
saying that nobody really cared for him.
But he had set it up that way by acting the bigshot,
and trying to buy admiration and loyalty,
but we'd like to see him again, even if he's broke.

Since this was written we have found Rusty's obituary
in a Salt Lake City newspaper.

Jack Blanchard

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