Tuesday, November 12, 2019

IN ON YEAR AND OUT THE OTHER Jack Blanchard's Column November 12, 2019


Another year is quickly losing steam
because like toilet paper, life goes faster near the end of the roll.
Even though we don't take autumn in Florida,
the northerner inside me struggles through the annual November self inventory.

I've been busier this year, but less creative.
I've become our agent, manager, and promotion department,
which doesn't leave time for writing songs or playing music...
the things that I think are the essential me.

I didn't know I was going to write that,
but now that I've brought it to my attention,
I plan to drag out the old keyboard and guitar and get back to basics.
As soon as I finish this mastering project promised to a client.
I'm going to write a song even if it's bad.
I need the writing part. I need the music.

I've been worrying about losing those ten pounds all year.
Worrying has kept from gaining more than a couple of pounds.

We don't know of any good bands playing around here,
and we don't like those cheesy new movie theaters,
so we went to the grocery store and back,
and pigged out on Italian food and ice cream.
The life of the recording artist is pure excitement.

I've learned a few small things this year:
1. You can't own a computer. It owns you.
2. There seem to be a lot more people younger than me now,
and less people older than me.
3. You can get immune to political news.

I'm relieved...that the worst of the hot weather is behind us,
and thankful...for no hurricanes at our house this year.
I'm blessed... to have Misty as a life partner,
and hopeful... that we make our music together for some more years.
I'm lucky...to have so many helpful friends,
many of whom I've never met face to face.

This may or may not be the best year of my life,
but I'm glad to be in it.

 Jack Blanchard

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