Monday, September 16, 2019

Waiting For Autumn Jack Blanchard's Column September 16, 2019


Do you think seasons never change in Florida?
Maybe you’re not paying attention. Seasons change here in  Florida just as much as anywhere else. Maybe the change isn’t as dramatic as in other regions. Maybe we actually have more seasons, if one also counts the rainy season, the dry season, the fishing season (which is any time), wood stork breeding season, stone crab season and – ugh – hurricane season. We could go on and on but you get the point.
Anyone who has lived in these latitudes for any length of time will quickly tell you October and May are, far and away, the best months to enjoy the seasons in Florida. But the seasons are beautiful and wonderous all year long.

We're approaching the Autumnal Equinox so it must be Fall somewhere,
just not yet here in Florida.
I still celebrate my favorite season.

Autumn is my favorite time of year,
a season of moods.
The first chill after summer has worn out its welcome,
that's when I feel the holidays coming on.

Not that we do any big celebrating these days,
but it's the remembering of celebrations past,
and those who were with us during good times.
The empty places at our table.

I write more songs during the remnants of the year,
when emotions are nearer to the surface,
the past is just over our shoulder,
and old voices whisper in our ear.

One winter, when it was minus 35 degrees and windy in Minnesota,
Misty and I stayed in a cement floor cabin on a lake shore.
I heard what sounded like whale sounds.
It was the frozen lake groaning as it expanded.
We had recently gone through such bad times
that we were thankful to be there with friends at Christmas.
We didn't mind the cold.

We have had a life, so far, full of ultra-highs and ultra-lows...
from homelessness on the street
to the whirlwind of big time show business.
Now It's quiet.
And we have enough money to last us the rest of our life,
unless we buy something.

Home is wherever Misty is.

Jack Blanchard

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